Whenever you make plans for an upcoming vacation in the UK, it is only restricted to either visiting the charming and bustling city of London or a trip to the Scottish Highlands. What generally misses out from the list is an experience of caravan holidays. Most of the people have trusted the myths surrounding static caravan holidays without any  research. However, now that we have finally got your attention, we  have the opportunity to debunk the most common myths.

Skegness Caravan Holidays

Myth #1 – Owning a caravan is reserved to the elites

The reality-

At Stephils Holiday Caravan, we offer quality static caravans for rent and hire. We have a wide range of caravans on offer based on the budget of the tourists. Each of our packages is meant to suit the needs of the visitor. Caravan holidays are now more affordable than any other form of family vacation plans that you make.

Myth #2 – Caravan holidays are Dull and lack fun

The reality-

Fantasy Island Caravans can be the most fun place to be in with your family or friends. Throughout the entire day, you can enjoy taking the rides in the Fantasy Island and then return to the caravan at night. As far as the truth remains, the sense of freedom and adventure on these trips are incomparable to those holidays wherein you stay at any commercial hotel accommodation.

Myth #3 – Avoid winters, there’s no shelter

The reality-

Modern caravans at the Stephils Caravan Park are incredibly well built and have great insulation and weather protection. The Myth might have been true ages ago, but now the caravan holiday scenario has completely changed.

If your bubble of misconception about the static caravan parks has finally been popped, delay no further and get in touch with Stephils Caravans Butlins in Skegness. We are the most trusted and premium caravan service providers in the area and will surely deliver true value for money on your holiday experience in the Skegness.

Try not to smile when you think about a vacation. Quite impossible, right? The very thought of an imminent vacation not only makes you smile but also generates an inexplicable adrenaline rush in you. Holidays are truly referred to as the source of happiness and essential to unwind oneself to improve the quality of life. Vacations are costly both in terms of finance and at the same time keeping in mind the unproductive days at work. If you are planning for a family caravan holiday then it is essential to know the psychological constraints as well as other factors that are at work constantly.

Skegness Accommodation

It is estimated that the average British family spends nearly 2 months of their salary on their annual vacations. Every worker opts for an average 5 weeks of vacation yearly which adds up to approximately 840 million days off work, every year.- With such a hefty price, we bet the holidays are worth it. In recent epidemiological studies, it is found that regular vacations reduce the risk of cardiovascular attacks and premature coronary deaths.

It is often seen that in the first couple of days of a vacation, there is lack of sleep, the blood pressure fluctuates and even the mood is on a swing. All of these, due to the fact that there is a psychological decline in the release of stress hormones. To explain it better, it is like a car speeding at 5th gear and then certainly brought down to the first gear. It takes time to get rid of the bumps and run smooth. The same is the case with human body, in the first couple of days of the vacation; the mundane lifestyle is certainly gone with the wind.

Family caravans can be a great holiday destination and it is proven that such trips with the entire family can help you to boost accuracy at work and also reduces absenteeism significantly. On the vacation, you get to enjoy the out-of-office hours and it is advised that you soak in the fun rather than prodding at your Smartphones.

If you are planning for a great holiday with your family then Stephils Caravans Butlins is the perfect place for you to visit. With some of the most luxurious caravans on offer, we make sure that your trip is worth the money you pay. Book your package today!

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